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TechAscent was brought in to execute on an exciting startup idea for a team with medical, not software, expertise.


EventRecord operates medical tents at sporting events, doing first aid on injured participants and spectators. Capturing patient records for each contact is critically important for insurance and auditing purposes. Previous clipboard and spreadsheet based systems were 'OK', but created extra work and wasteful overhead, especially when reviewing older events.

EventRecord’s team is highly specialized in medical, first aid, and paramedic areas; but as a medium sized business with no dedicated software people, the obviously good idea of using a computer instead of a clipboard to capture patient records initially seemed out of reach. They had an early attempt at a prototype app developed by an offshore team that was promising, but ultimately failed in terms of extensibility, data integrity, and multi-tenant commercialization.


We used our web platform to quickly deploy a tablet-oriented site that remains reliable in the field, despite spotty network connections.

TechAscent’s platform for building cloud-native and data intensive applications greatly simplified the development of a custom solution supplanting the earlier spreadsheet and offshore attempts. Advanced data retrieval techniques support the main use case of verifying insurance information, as well as quickly analyzing casualty record data. The application is also geared toward tablet computers with spotty internet access often found at sporting events; in all cases, all patient record data is securely and reliably captured.

With a cloud-native record tracking application developed by TechAscent, EventRecord is now able to more reliably and accurately capture patient records, saving time and effort when reviewing and auditing information from past events.



Concept to live site


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Record capture

The new system is extensible, has better data integrity, and supports multi-tenant commercialization. EventRecord is now better able to help injured patients, smoothly operate the error-prone and onerous parts of their business related to insurance, and can white-label and resell the application partner firms.

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