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Alpine SnowGuards Calculator
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TechAscent built a website that customers can use directly to do their own engineering calculations, saving everyone time and effort.


SnowGuards are a rooftop device that stops snow and ice from dangerously falling from a roof all at once. Calculating exactly how many snowguards a building needs depends on roof and snow details. By empowering Alpine’s customers to perform their own engineering calculations online, we reduced the time and involvement required by Alpine’s team to take a customer from first contact to sale.

A diverse product catalog together with varying engineering details on each job site make it challenging to correctly calculate the number of snowguards needed for a given installation. To avoid waste, customers do not want to order too few or too many snowguards. It’s time consuming to ensure every order appropriately ensures safety, given roof shape, slope, and snow load details.


We employed our proprietary web platform to quickly develop a zero maintenance solution that year after year expands access to simple, reliable engineering calculations.

Alpine’s sophisticated engineering calculations existed in spreadsheets and other systems that we turned into a cloud native application, available on the internet. Customers are able to use this application to perform their own complex engineering calculations without intervention from Alpine’s team. Customers are able to complete their order online, both increasing order accuracy, and halving Alpine’s time-to-sale.



Reduced time to sale


Sales automated



Alpine’s business continues to grow with almost all orders now being made through the calculator. The ongoing partnership between Alpine and TechAscent ensures smooth, reliable operation of the site with constant upgrades year after year.

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Communication with Charles and Harold was unbelievably different and this led to innovation.
-Kris Michaud, Alpine SnowGuards

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