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Charles Grunwald III, PhD - Elevated Computation

Charles went to the University of Colorado, graduating Magna cum Laude with a BS/MS in Computer Science and a minor in Applied Math. His focus was on embedded systems and wireless sensor networks, publishing several papers in the area. During and after he did contract work for a variety of clients including an atom chip modeling tool for the center for ultra cold atoms at the University of Colorado. Later he went on to obtain a PhD at Massachusetts Institute of Technology with a focus on distributed systems creating an operating system that used message passing and had no reliance on shared memory thus making it suitable for both chips with 1000s of cores as well as distribution across the cloud. Later he worked at a startup called Nylas, building the back-end for a RESTful email service. The 3 years prior to TechAscent he was a co-founder of ThinkTopic, a Machine Learning contracting company. There he worked on projects in the fields of e-commerce, object detection in satellite imagery, and bioinformatics. In his free time he enjoys rock climbing, skiing and volunteering as a first responder for mountain rescue.

Harold Hausman - Mathematics of Simplicity

Harold attended the University of Colorado at Boulder, graduating with a BA in Pure Mathematics; receiving the chancellor's recognition award for earning the highest grade (A) in every course. Focusing on combinatorics, algebras, and the use of computers to generate evidence, he participated in original math research proving theorems in abstract algebraic representation theory. An autodidact programmer working as a professional software developer since 2004, Harold has developed hundreds of computer programs in a variety of different programming languages that solve business problems in diverse industries. Examples include tools used to make video games, software used in middle school computer science education, full-stack web development on e-commerce systems, and fintech models on the cutting edge of AI and machine learning. Always bringing a sophisticated mathematical and algorithmic perspective, Harold lives to produce high-quality software that learns from data to solve real business problems. In his free time he enjoys games of all sorts, listening to and playing music, and reading science fiction stories.

Chris Nuernberger - Business of Technology

Chris attended the University of Colorado at Boulder earning a BS in computer science. He then developed several industry-leading products capitalizing on a background in math and computer graphics. His career has spanned a wide range of backgrounds: startups trying to bring advanced computer graphics and designer-developer interactions to the web, researching next generation lossless compression algorithms for GIS systems, leading international teams developing high performance physics and computer graphics systems at NVIDIA, and most recently authoring a major neural networking and machine learning library (Cortex). He has the distinction of having released software on CD-ROM as well as having managed major high availability cloud based machine learning projects processing terabytes of data. In his few spare moments Chris enjoys pursuing high performance computing, dancing, and rock climbing.


Together we have over 40 years of collective professional experience developing software. We have built cloud platforms for large scale machine learning systems, e-commerce business applications, and bioinformatics data analysis suites. We like simple, low maintenance software that augments and develops intellectual pursuits and business opportunities.


  • Windows
  • Mac
  • Linux
  • Android
  • QNX
  • iOS


  • Clojure
  • Python
  • Javascript
  • C++
  • C#
  • F#
  • Ruby
  • Shell


  • Full-Stack Web Development
  • Cloud Architecture
  • Machine Learning
  • Facial Recognition
  • Bioinformatics
  • Object Detection
  • 3D Graphics & Visualization
  • Distributed Operating Systems
  • High Performance Computing & Numerics
  • GIS
  • Cryptography and Cryptocurrencies


  • E-Commerce
  • Business Automation
  • Research Augmentation
  • Backend Services
  • SEO
  • B2B
  • Fintech
  • Technical Audits

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