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Empowering Experts

You know more about your business and we know more about solving problems with computers. A lot of businesses struggle with technical risk; the challenges of implementing robust software can be overwhelming. Fundamentally, neither your expertise or ours, alone, suffices. Two heads are better than one.

Benefits abound for the application of computers to business; whether making simple things automatic, tedious or drudgerous tasks easier, or even opening up entirely new possibilities. Unfortunately, the task of codifying knowledge and practices from many areas in software remains difficult. Software developed by non-specialists is often brittle, difficult to maintain and expand, or plainly non-functional.

Here at TechAscent, we relish these challenges.

In our over 40 combined years of industry experience we have worked with a diverse set of clients. We have worked at small companies, large companies, consulting firms, and several startups. We have worked with business-owners, fashion experts, financiers, scientists, mathematicians, artists, and any number of great software people.

The most fruitful and gratifying of this work always involves working closely with experts in order to explore, understand, and empower them in their domain. We enjoy the chance to learn the nitty-gritty of a new area, and give experts an opportunity to accelerate themselves down their path. We have repeatedly seen the transformative power of pairing existing business expertise with our software skills.

Here are a few examples:

A Bit More About Our Approach

We have developed, and continue to develop, a suite of high leverage software tools sufficient for application in a variety of domains. The suite includes specialized and sophisticated bits that enable powerful solutions like internet scale machine learning. For example we have one small codebase that scales to almost infinite throughput by leveraging cloud technology. At the other end of the spectrum we can quickly build cloud-based web applications that will give you a new perspective on your data.

We excel at rapid, iterative, stable development with an emphasis on web deployment and scalability of solutions. Your new ideas can often be integrated within hours or days of you proposing them, not in weeks or months. We have invested years exploring the space of available tools and technology to make sure that we can do these things extremely quickly, especially in systems with complex data management, modeling, or poorly understood solution spaces. We can go from nothing, or an idea, to a full blown internet scale solution. We aim for a smooth flow from initial design to first deployment to maintenance mode where the costs become more fixed and the use cases are stabilized.

Some of the technologies we have invested in include:

Our style of development is appropriate for a large range of use cases:


Often when teams with expertise outside of software develop custom solutions, the development and management of what they build soaks a disproportionate amount of the time and thus cuts into the ROI of the result. Engage a team of experts to guide you through this space and avoid a lot of the pitfalls of modern, buzzword heavy tech. We make computers work for you instead of the other way around.

TechAscent empowers your experts.

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